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Welcome to our Kratom Shop. All of our Kratom is imported directly from Indonesia and is lab tested by third-party labs here in the US to make sure it has a high alkaloid concentration and is free of any harmful contaminants. Orders ship within 1 business day from South Florida.

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Crazy Kratom, which ensures the quality and imports all the Kratom it deals in from Indonesia, is inevitably the safest choice. The Kratom it holds is totally free of any harmful alkaloid concentration. Moreover, what you order through us will be delivered to you in a single business day straight from South Florida.

Everything else aside, we have an even more fantastic offer for our dearest clients. This offer gives a massive discount to the buyers who purchase its product in a bulk quantity. You heard it right!

It is a super saving offer through which you can be facilitated with over 65% off. Since Crazy Kratom has a never-ending Kratom range with guaranteed quality, the offer especially comes in handy for those who shop in wholesale bulk. However, to shop with us, you must be over 18 years of age and have a valid credit or a debit card.

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Kratom, a tree whose leaves hold in them splendid qualities, has been in use for years. However, it has become popular with years as more and more people have benefited from it. Due to the convenience, it has in ordering it online and the fact that it is not considered illegal in most states, Kratom is preferred by many people to meet their needs. Also, it comes in handy to serve as a substitute for certain homeopathic medicines.

When it comes to choosing a herb like Kratom, Crazy Kratom has marked its name. It imports all the Kratom it deals indirectly from Indonesia, not to forget that a significant part of Kratom comes from Indonesia. Moreover, the Kratom carries high alkaloid concentration alongside being tested in the US labs for any impurities and contaminants present in it. Being said that, how can we forget to mention that it takes as little as just one business day to deliver the Kratom to its beloved clients all the way through South Florida. Scrolling through our site, you will find all our premium Kratom range with clear prices mentioned so you can choose Kratom that suits your pocket.

What Do We Offer?

Being specialized in dealing with Kratom products, we offer an array of Kratom products in various forms, including capsules and powder.

Crazy Kratom is always all ears to listen to your queries and help you out to meet your requirements by providing you the ideal Kratom product. All our products are high in quality. Whether you are a starter or have been a Kratom user for decades, we are here to help you out with all our heart.

Why Choose Crazy Kratom?

Knowing the majors about us, you can choose Crazy Kratom as your personal online vendor for the premium Kratom range. We are a thriving business that makes our valuable clients fall head over heels in love with our products due to the top-notch variety we offer that stands out in the market.

Kratom News

Kratom Near me

Where to Buy Kratom near Me

After hearing all about MITRAGYNA SPECIOSA and the fantastic energy boost and stimulation that it gives, potential always end up asking, ‘where can I buy kratom near me?’ Kratom is a Southeast Asian tree, and its leaves are rich in alkaloids. Alkaloids are chemical compounds that stimulate and energize the body. Users in America love…

Kratom Leaves

Why Do Some People Prefer Kratom Leaves Over Other Forms?

People have different preferences with respect to almost everything. For instance, some people like to pet cats while some like dogs. For vehicles, some like cars while some love bikes. Well, their choices differ even when it is about food and medicines. Anyway, today we will be talking about a herb called Kratom that is…

Kratom Leaves

Top Benefits Of Kratom Leaves You Probably Didn’t Know About!

There is almost nothing in the world that does not offer any benefits. Plants don’t only provide us with oxygen and food but also help us combat many health issues. Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is a natural herb that serves many purposes. But there is just too much we have not figured out…

IS Kratom legal In Florida

Is Kratom Legal In Florida?

Everything that is new to a society faces a lot of hassle to get itself acknowledged. It would not be wrong to add the name of Kratom to the never-ending list. We have been hearing for a long time that the United States has allowed the usage of Kratom due to its benefits. However, many…


What Are The Common Names For Kratom?

Kratom has now been famous for literally many names. However, the most common name it is famous for is Kratom. Since Kratom is found in many regions of Southeast Asia, every region has its own unique language. So, the other names it is known for are, Puri, Kadamba, Keton, Kraton, Krathawm, Kakuam, Bai Krathom, Graton, Ithang, Biak, Biak-Biak, Kutum, Ketum, Pokok Ketum, Sepat, Lugub, Mambog, Polapoput, Beinsa, Glam and Beinsaywat.

Is It Safe To Consume Kratom?

Well, you cannot say for certain that Kratom is safe to be used by everyone because there has not been enough research done on the topic. However, there is no scientifically proven death by Kratom stated in the records. Moreover, one thing which must be kept in mind is that when Kratom is mixed with other medications then it can be fatal. So, if you are already consuming other drugs then you must not get your hands on Kratom.

Is Kratom Legal In My Country?

If we look into it, Kratom is legal in the United States but many other countries either call it illegal or have banned it. The grounds behind this banning are that there is no proper and sufficient scientific research done on Kratom. On the flip side, Kratom is so far one of the safest drugs with low addiction chances and side effects.

The countries which discourage the use of Kratom are Alabama, Vermont, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Rhode Island, and Indiana. Furthermore, the countries that have completely banned the usage of Kratom are Vietnam, The United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, China, Russia, Japan, Australia, Myanmar, Thailand, Turkey, Malaysia, Norway, Israel, Estonia, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania.

Reasons Why Kratom Is Illegal In Thailand

Although Thailand is also a producer of Kratom and one of the best Kratom is cultivated here, yet it has banned Kratom for its own use. The reason behind this is that the government of Thailand managed the opium flow in the times of World War 2 and thought that Kratom might affect it.

How To Find Kratom Near Me?

It is a hectic task for so many of you to find Kratom near you, especially when you are looking for a top-notch Kratom range. But, through Crazy Kratom, you can order all your desired Kratom range just by heading towards its website and placing the order. It dispatches the order in just one day. All that it serves with is an original, premium, and free of contaminants, Kratom. So, no matter where you are living, it can deliver your Kratom in any country whether it allows Kratom or not.

Can You Be Addicted To Kratom?

Well, as it is evident that Kratom belongs to the Coffee family, so many people say that Kratom has the lowest addictive potential and you can get addicted to it just as much as you get addicted to coffee. The same goes for the withdrawal symptoms, they are just as much as the ones you get for coffee withdrawal.

Can I Mix Kratom With Alcohol?

Mixing Kratom with other drugs as well as medicines is very dangerous and has to be avoided at all costs. Alcohol and Kratom combo can make you go nauseous alongside bringing forth some other complications.

What Common Withdrawal Symptoms Does Kratom Cause?

Withdrawal symptoms for Kratom are not severe and similar to the ones you get after quitting coffee. Its symptoms include aggression, mood swings, anxiety, runny nose, muscle aches, bone or joint pain, shaking of arms and legs.

Can you Detect Kratom Presence In A Drug Test?

It is really difficult to detect the presence of Kratom on any scale, be it a 4-panel scale or a 12 panel. However, if the test is specifically run to check its presence then it might appear. For instance, if you are testing it for a job purpose then it is rare that they will find it but if your employer is certain that you take Kratom then he might check the presence of Kratom in particular and end up finding it out.

Where To Find Kratom For Sale?

If you want to buy Kratom at reasonable rates and don’t want to compromise on the quality then Crazy Kratom is your one-stop-shop. Here, you can find all Kratom ranges, including Kratom capsules and powders in a great array.

How To Ensure My Kratom Is Free Of Heavy Metals?

It is a matter of concern that there are heavy metals present in a huge number in Kratom. These elements can make it an unhealthy choice. but, Crazy Kratom ensures that whatever it offers is multiple times lab-tested to keep in check the presence of heavy metals as well as other adulterants. It is one of the many reasons Crazy Kratom has managed to earn its name.

What Are The Popular Alkaloids In Kratom

Although Kratom has a number of Alkaloids present in it, the two most active alkaloids bless it with healing and soothing properties. The presence of these two alkaloids, namely Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine is very essential in Kratom leaves to keep them potent.