Amazing Botanicals entered the kratom industry in 2014, although the website construction suggests 2016. For any online shop to make its place among competitors, five or seven years is enough time and we can safely say that Amazing Botanicals made it through!

The first impression of the website is strength, and it can be quite captivating too! At first glance, you see all the categories of kratom products and the various hemp products. The vendor offers other substances as well, although kratom takes the limelight.

The Menu

One of the prominent features of the layout is the display of all the tabs, which signify the categories of products available. A person looking for wholesale kratom, or kratom powder, can easily see where they must focus their attention as the homepage shows all categories along with vein colors mentioned distinctly.
This menu helps you see where each product is and you can head there without shuffling back and forth between pages.

The product line

Amazing Botanicals offers a wide range of kratom strains in various forms. You can select powder, capsules, crushed leaves, and tinctures. One may say that the product line is hard to beat as it offers all kinds of products with all kinds of consumption preferences. Apart from the red, green, and white vein kratom variations, Amazing Botanicals boasts potent and impactful yellow kratom and gold kratom. The gold strain variations available at the shop include Bali, Maeng Da, and Reserve. Similarly, more than three types of yellow kratom strains are also available! The widest range of green, red and white kratom makes potential buyers scroll down pages to decide which one may be best for them.

Is Amazing Botanical expensive?

Every kratom user asks this question because nobody wants to buy a natural substance for an exorbitant price, while other vendors keep a check on their price tags. Amazing Botanicals uses an easy pricing system based on the quantity of kratom rather than the variants. Whether you decide to buy yellow, red, or white kratom-the price will be according to the amount of kratom in the pack!

Powder kratom price is between $5.99 for 30 grams and $89.99 for a kilogram. Similarly, the price for capsules is between $5.99 for 30 capsules and $134.99 for one-kilogram capsules in weight.

The kratom extracts available at Amazing Botanicals are in capsule and liquid form. Some extracts are more potent, and therefore, more expensive than others. However, the kratom extracts from this online vendor are intense and impactful. The price of extracts is between $5.99 and $299 as we take a panoramic view over the various intensities and forms of kratom extracts.

Crushed leaves and other products are also reasonably priced and buyers can freely order from this shop as price tags are not a burden here!

Coupon codes and discounts

Amazing Botanicals experience becomes amazing when you apply the coupon codes and benefit from the discounts they offer! Anyone who signs up for the newsletter gets a 10% cut on all the product prices! The coupon codes are occasional but you can always try them and get discounts. An added feature is free shipping for orders more than $90. Amazing Botanicals shows good customer support by offering reasonable prices and discounts. Moreover, subscribers and members get a lot of attractive discounts all year round.

Customer service standards

Amazing Botanicals stood the test of time and became one of the popular kratom vendors within these years due to many things along with customer service. Kratom users have all kinds of concerns and questions. Good customer service means that potential buyers and those who have already placed orders, can reach out to the vendor and clear their concerns. Amazing Botanicals treats all customers with respect and allows full importance to each of them! You can track your orders, call to confirm, or even ask about the best kratom strain for you!

Shipping and return policy

Amazing Botanicals uses USPS first class priority mail to deliver your package anywhere in the allowed states. The package ships out the day Amazing Botanicals receives the payment. Shipping rates are calculated at checkout, but if your total is more than $90, you get free shipping!

Amazing Botanicals offers a returns center, where you can fill a form and return the order within 30 days of purchase. The 30-day money-back guarantee is an excellent feature as it shows the confidence of the vendor in their products and encourages users to find the strain that is best for them.

Accreditation by the American Kratom Association

The AKA is the organization that leads the fight to get kratom officially recognized among health regulatory bodies. Kratom is legal federally, but the general public is quite apprehensive about this stimulating and energizing natural substance. The AKA GMP practices ensure safe and fresh products, while the various quality parameters of this organization give customers the confidence of using kratom. Amazing Botanicals is not on the list of fully recognized vendors but it is not on the pending participants either. This means that there is no objection to quality and products by the AKA, and the online shop will get recognition after the formal checks have been completed.

Affiliate Program

Amazing Botanicals invites everyone to join the fun of selling kratom to people who need stimulation and refreshing experiences in their daily life. The affiliate program allows a 10% earning per sale and requires legal business owners and registered sellers to join the team and earn.

What makes Amazing Botanicals unique?

The excellent quality and rigorous processes of manufacturing, quality checks, and laboratory tests make this vendor a class above the others. The kratom leaves are fresh and dried effectively to prepare various products available at the online shop. The AKA-GMP compliant packaging ensures a vacuum-sealed and fresh product that users can enjoy for a long time.

While other vendors offer a handful of products, Amazing Botanicals has a full range of potent kratom strains in various forms. Moreover, the prices, discounts, and excellent customer service make Amazing Botanicals an amazing experience!

In a nutshell

Amazing Botanicals has been around for more than five years and has become a popular choice among kratom users. The reason for this popularity is the excellent prices, outstanding quality, and superior strain selection. The online vendor aims to provide quality and uses the best shipping service to ensure timely deliveries. Moreover, Amazing Botanicals is an excellent choice due to the discounts, and money-back guarantee of all the products. You can reach out to the vendor in case you have any queries and their efficient reply will get you hooked to this online shop!

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