From novices to fanatic kratom users, everyone must have heard about the famous acronym among the kratom enthusiasts community – AKA, American Kratom Association. Have you ever wondered what does American Kratom Association does, and how it has changed the lives of various people? Folks, it high time to know about the organization that has been selflessly promoting the safe use of kratom for the sake of making our lives better with organic supplements. So, let’s have a deep dive into “Everything about American Kratom Association”, and how can you assist them in supporting kratom.

So here we go!

What is American Kratom Association?

The year 2014 is a memorable year for all the kratom enthusiasts out there because that was when American Kratom Association came into the existence. After two years of tireless efforts, AKA was successfully launched in 2016. With the goal of protecting the precious ethnobotanical, kratom, AKA did not leave any stone unturned to bring about awareness about kratom and how to use it safely. They believe that every consumer has the authority to make decisions and choose what would add to their well-being.

You must know that American Kratom Association is not a private company; rather it is a non-profit organization entirely dependent upon the consumer. Hence, AKA does not have to pay any taxes. The organization uses all its revenue with a core focus on re-establishing the availability of kratom to potential consumers.

What are the aims of the American Kratom Association?

With a deep-rooted ambition, and aspiration to change the life of people with kratom, American Kratom Association is non-stop heading towards its goals. But, what are those core goals that are driving this organization toward success?

Let’s spotlight the aims of the American Kratom Association without further ado!

The five Goals that American Kratom Association is enthusiastically making possible

1) To help consumers with immense support

According to American Kratom Association, every consumer has a right to choose the product that he/she believes can help with better wellbeing and lifestyle. The right has been neglected at both the political and private levels. AKA thrives to bring change into this mindset by supporting worthy consumers.

2) To bring awareness about M.Speciosa Worldwide

Kratom is a precious herb Mother Nature has offered us, and we have to do justice with it. How can we do justice with kratom? It’s possible by spreading awareness about kratom and how it can help with never-ending health benefits. American Kratom Association aims to diffuse the awareness about kratom globally so that people can benefit most out of this treasured herb. Today, almost more than 13 million people in the USA use Mitragyna Speciosa for health-related benefits. That’s the result of the tremendous efforts of the American Kratom Association.

3) To inform the public about kratom

Do you know kratom is a natural alternative to numerous conditions? From pain to anxiety, and lower energy levels to better sex drive, kratom got you covered. American Kratom Association wants to make it certain that everyone knows about the health benefits of kratom, its precious alkaloids, and varying strains and vein colors so that they can easily reap the exclusive benefits.

4) To support people with the right to speak

American Kratom Association is motivated to make people speak for themselves. We all have stories to tell, but most of the time they are suppressed back into the subconscious. American Kratom Association wants to serve as a platform where people can openly speak confidently.

5) To protect and save kratom

Kratom is a gem found in Southeast Asia. From its unique characteristics to various health benefits, the herb is intensely changing the lives of millions out there. American Kratom Association reassures and supports top-of-the-line harvesting and re-implantation processes for kratom so that consumers get their hands on the best kratom products.

6) Accomplishments of American Kratom Association

The ambitious and motivated team of the American Kratom Association portrays the values of genuineness, integrity, and dedication. Together, the whole organization kept up with back-breaking work and achieved the potential milestones that were a vivid dream to them. Let’s head over to what American Kratom Association has accomplished so far!

AKA-Good Manufacturing Practices Program

The Good Manufacturing program is a powerful initiative taken by American Kratom Association. So what’s all about this program? You might know that kratom has been a controlled substance in a few states and the whole reason behind the ban was adulterated kratom products sold by so-called “loyal” kratom vendors. American Kratom Association initiated this program to make sure about the tested, secure, superior quality and authentic kratom products. So, the GMP program has set this standard for vendors and none of the vendors can sell kratom if they do not meet the GMP criteria or are not GMP-certified. The unreliable and unauthentic kratom products that were being sold in the industry before were portraying the wrong image of novel kratom, but the GMP program has rightly alienated the unreliable kratom vendors.

Note: Make sure whenever you purchase kratom online, your preferred vendor follows GMP standards because GMP-certified vendors have cleared the extensive audit run by AKA. It is essential to go through American Kratom Association approved vendor list before you buy kratom online.

Kratom Consumer protection act by AKA

Kratom manufacturing and selling were not systematically regulated procedures before Kratom Consumer Protection Act came into existence. For this reason, Mitragyna Speciosa was at a higher risk of being contaminated. Many folks fell into a bandwagon of confusion about whether it is safe to take kratom or not. American Kratom Association and its advocates outlined and defined Kratom Consumer Protection Act, and for now, the act has been implemented at the state level in the USA. As soon as the state approves the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, consumers’ safety and rights are safeguarded. You must be curious to know the details of KCPA, right? So let’s get straight into it!

Firstly, KCPA assures the legal purchase of kratom. Secondly, it strictly prohibits exporting contaminated and unsafe kratom products. Following are the key points of KCPA at the federal level in the USA.

  1. To properly define, explain, and classify kratom.
  2. Every seller, vendor, and the manufacturer will conform to the product’s correct labeling. None of the kratom products can be sold without proper labeling of ingredients on the packaging.
  3. The act has strictly banned selling specific kratom products.
  4. Any vendor who does not follow the KCPA rules will be punished and penalized.
  5. Un-registered kratom products are not allowed to use for selling purposes.
  6. From seed to shelf, all the vendors have to follow the standards of the Department of Agriculture and Food.

Note: These key points may vary across the state levels as every state has different legislation.

Since American Kratom Association has made legal kratom available for you, why not show some support to them?

Join American Kratom Association AKA forum for the latest news about kratom, and you can also support them by donating to protect kratom.

Final Thoughts

The American Kratom Association is a charity-based organization promoting the legal use of kratom. This non-profit organization has worked tirelessly to protect Mitragyna Speciosa, and still, looking forward to accomplishing more. The GMP program and Kratom Consumer Protection Act initiated by AKA marked the beginning of legal and unadulterated kratom products for the USA’s public. Make sure you consult your health care practitioner before using kratom for the best experience.

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