In the days where due to advancement we have plenty of choices to make about almost everything, it is essential to keep oneself updated with new trends being introduced in every industry. As we have to meet our pace with the rapidly moving world, we somehow compromise on our health. The little we think of our health, the more we fall victim to physical and psychological issues. This is the sole reason that now we have plenty of health issues including depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, diabetes, cough, diarrhea, and a lot more.

To deal with these health conditions quickly, there are some people who have turned towards Kratom. There are many people who claim to have benefitted from Kratom. Kratom basically is a tree and its leaves contain in them psychotropic effects. Unfortunately, there is an insufficient amount of research conducted on the topic of whether Kratom is safe to be consumed or not. However, what’s certain is that Kratom comes in different blends. All of these blends are unique and carry different levels of potencies.

Commonly, people who are new to Kratom ideas barely know which one they should get their hands on. This is why it is necessary to understand the composition, effects and usage of these strains.

Good news is, we are going to kill your curiosity by discussing some major Kratom blends. So, buckle up until we meet again at the end of this article.

Understanding Kratom By Colour:

The reason that the leaves of Kratom have different colors is that they have veins in them. These veins change their colours in the different phases of the leaf’s life. Below is the chart to elaborate the color of the veins according to age.

AgeVein Coloration
Immature Kratom plantRed
Growing AgeWhite

Any Kratom product that we buy falls in the category of any of these 3 Kratom strains;

Red Strain:

These strains hold plenty of benefits for their users. They come in handy to deal with insomnia, opiate withdrawal effects, relieving pain and providing relaxation. Their effects can last for up to 5 hours.

Green Strain:

With its effects lasting for more than 8 hours, Green strain holds the highest potency to provide relaxation. Moreover, Green strains are gentle stimulants and help to lift the mood.

White Strain:

Helping to increase the performance by enhancing concentration, White strains also boost energy, help with insomnia and treat depression. Also, their effects last for 3 to 5 hours.

Most Popular Kratom Strains

Originating from the Mitragyna speciose tree which is a member of the coffee family, the different strains also differ in terms of their effects. The processes like harvesting, drying, and light exposure assists in giving different identities to different Kratom strains. It further changes the alkaloid presence and final color of the strain.

We will now break down to you some common Kratom Strains;

Maeng Da Kratom:

Maeng Da Kratom is so far one of the most potent Kratoms discovered. Maeng Da Kratom is produced after specific Kratom plants pollinate.

This particular strain assists people with certain problems and barely has any serious side effects. Maeng Da Kratom does wonders for people who are facing focusing and energy issues while performing a number of tasks, including mental as well as manual tasks. Not only this but it also uplifts their mood and helps relieve chronic pain.

What turns out to be a problem with its consumption is that over time, you develop tolerance for it. If you are a long term consumer then the prolong dependence on it might make you to keep increasing the dosage to obtain the results which is not at all good.

Thai Kratom:

As the name indicates, Thai Kratom was popular among laborers in Thailand. The reason behind this popularity was that it helps combat fatigue thus making you stay active for hours. One of the main benefits it provides its consumers is that it helps with concentration. After getting their hands on it, people can stay tirelessly concentrated on their tasks for consecutive hours. Also, people claim their energy levels to be boosted by it. 

Thai Kratom is a good source to not only uplift the mood but also to relieve depression. Majorly, red strains of it are the painkillers and serve the purpose. Moreover, green and white strains are really effective for this.

Bali Kratom:

Bali Kratom comes in handy to serve people, especially with their weight loss plans. Can’t guess why? It is because it suppresses appetite. Not only this but the strain has always been of great help to reduce pain and also to act as a stimulant. Furthermore, it is one of the most affordable strains on the market.

What comes as a drawback with Bali Kratom is that it might cause you wobbles so you must stick to the prescribed dosage only and should not increase it.


Emerging from Borneo islands, Borneo Kratom has been in use for years to deal with plenty of issues. This one acts as a stimulant and helps in resisting the opiate desire. Moreover, it also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and a stimulant. It helps with insomnia, anxiety, and stress. It also has sedating properties and contains a high amount of 7-hydroxymitragynine. The next time you hear the name of any Kratom item stating Borneo, you must know already that it came from Borneo Islands.

Malaysian Kratom:

Malaysian Kratom which is also known as Malay Kratom serves with multiple issues. Malay Kratom helps in improving cognitive functioning, providing mental energy, acting as a stimulant when the low dose is consumed, and causing sedation when consumed in the high dosage.

Indo Kratom:

Originating all the way from Indonesia, Indo Kratom is often consumed as a sedative. It is of great help in terms of uplifting mood, fighting opiate withdrawal effects, calming down, and lowering pain levels.

It has further 3 categories named as White Vein Indo, Red Vein Indo and the Super Indo.

Hopefully, now you know the types, usage and other relevant information about different Kratom blends. It is highly recommended to not use the same Kratom blend for a longer period of time as it might cause you to develop tolerance for it.

Kratom is not always easily accessible but it can be purchased online in several forms ranging from capsules and powders. However, before purchasing it, you must do some homework and ask around which Kratom blend would go best with you, depending on the reason you are seeking its help.

The best Kratom is usually grown in Indonesia because there, the weather conditions are suitable for the perfect cultivation.
The effects of every Kratom item depend on the quality. The sole reason why it is recommended to always buy through renown and trustworthy sources like Crazy Kratom is that it obtains all its Kratom range from Indonesia which is a hub of premium Kratom. To further reassure the purity, every Kratom product is individually passed through quality checks in the laboratory. This makes it the safest choice for everyone.

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