Green Malay Kratom Capsules


  • Our Green Malay Kratom is sourced from the highest quality Kratom trees and shipped fresh from Indonesia, and it is guaranteed to be 100% pure since we test for contaminants and adulterants in a state of the art laboratory.?
  • Green Malay Kratom comes from forests near the Malaysian border of Borneo, and the Kratom trees which grow there have unique properties. Further, Green Malay Kratom is derived from leaves which are more mature, which naturally have a higher concentration of Mitragynine.


As you hold the small capsule in your hand, a story of a long journey begins to unfold. From the forests at the border of Malaysia, farmers pick fresh and mature green vein leaves and dry them in a specific way to keep the alkaloids active. With care and caution, these leaves are brought to the state-of-the-art facility where we ensure that all the products add quality and freshness to your life!

The Green Malay Kratom Capsules are a great pick for you as the green vein remains a mild and safe way of introducing Mitragyna into your life. Packed in Non-GMO and allergen-free, vegan capsules; the Green Malay Mitragyna goodness is easy to take every day! Crazy kratom is the best pick for all your kratom needs and this product will make you agree even more. Our careful laboratory tests and the use of only fresh Mitragyna testifies quality and as you try this product you will also agree that the green vein kratom capsules are the real thing. Now you don’t have to sign up and waste your time. One-click and another will just do the job! Sit back and relax as our fast shipping will ensure a speedy delivery so that you can try these little drops of nature coming to you from Malaysia!

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Weight 9 oz