Red Sumatra Kratom Powder


  • Our Red Sumatra Kratom is sourced from the highest quality Kratom trees and shipped fresh from Indonesia.
  • 100% pure since we test for contaminants and adulterants in a state of the art laboratory.?
  • Red Sumatra Kratom is from the Indonesian island of Sumatra, which has rich soil and a highly tropical climate. Therefore, Kratom from Sumatra grows prolifically, and it has a unique alkaloids profile.
  • Also, this Red Sumatra Kratom has gone through a fermentation process using sunlight and water, further enhancing the concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine Pseudoindoxyl.?


Sourced from the jungles of an Indonesian island Sumatra, our special red Sumatra kratom is a gem in the sack. Uniquely identified due to its special qualities, red Sumatra kratom is a must-add to your kratom repository.

Our kratom extraction procedure:

The leaves of fresh red Sumatra kratom trees are plucked when they reach their maturity stage and hence are highly potent and fresh. These leaves undergo a specialized drying technique after which they are grounded and packed in small bottles. 

Our special red sumatra kratom is:

  • Free of adulterants, chemicals, additives.
  • Tested to rule out heavy metals and impurities.
  • Packaged in high-quality packaging
  • Preserved under desired and recommended conditions.

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Additional information

Weight 35 oz