Red Vietnam Kratom Powder


  • Our Red Vietnam Kratom is sourced from the highest quality Kratom trees and shipped fresh from Indonesia.
  • Guaranteed to be 100% pure since we test for contaminants and adulterants in a state of the art laboratory
  • Although this Red Vietnam Kratom is grown in Indonesia, it is transplanted from Vietnam and has unique properties that differentiate it from native Indonesian strains.
  • AAlso, this Red Vietnam Kratom has gone through a fermentation process using sunlight and water, further enhancing the concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine Pseudoindoxyl.?


Our magnificent red Vietnam kratom powder:

Cultivated and harvested in the jungles of Vietnam our red Vietnam kratom powder is a gem in a sack. This strain of kratom gets the best soil as the trees of the jungles are located to be across the Mekong river.

The soil is packed with minerals and all the best nutrients a tree would require to reach its maximum potential. Moreover, the best yet suitable weather makes these trees grow in an ideal environment.

After the cultivation procedures, the leaves of the red Vietnam kratom tree are plucked, dried, and grounded into a powder. The powder is then packed into small packets and exported directly to us.

Product description:

  • Has a mild effect
  • Considered to be a light, easygoing strain taking away the mild pains and resulting in relaxations.
  • Grounded under specialized procedures and expert supervision.
  • Packed in high-quality packaging to preserve its freshness
  • 100% pure and organic
  • Free of all kinds of adulterants and contaminants
  • Tested to ensure the removal of heavy metals and maintain the right proportions of alkaloids

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Red Vietnam Kratom Powder