White Hulu Kratom Capsules


  • Our White Hulu Kratom is sourced from the highest quality Kratom trees and shipped fresh from Indonesia.
  • 100% pure since we test for contaminants and adulterants in a state of the art laboratory.?
  • White Hulu Kratom is harvested in the Kapuas Hulu forest of Indonesia, which is a dense and ancient Kratom forest, and the trees there have a unique and rich alkaloids profile.
  • This Kratom is labeled as White, since it has a balance of both Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Essentially, this Kratom strain is equivalent to a combination of Red Hulu and Green Hulu.


Congratulations! Crazy Kratom now offers the rare White Hulu Kratom in its online stores. Hulu Kratom, also known as Hulu Kapuas kratom is a rare strain. It is found in the Hulu forest of Indonesia across which a Kapuas river flows making the soil full of minerals and damp for the kratom tree.

Consuming all the minerals, this strain of kratom has unique properties and effects. It gets quite difficult for the farmers to harvest this herb from such a remote location but crazy kratom has found a way out for its customers. We import this rare beneficial strain for you from all across Indonesia.

The leaves of the Hulu Kratom tree are harvested when they reach their maturity stage and powdered after undergoing drying procedures. These dried leaves are converted into powder and then encapsulated afterward. The encapsulation material is of such high quality that it preserves the freshness of the herb as new.

Containing the energizing impact with mild effects and unique aroma, this special strain of kratom is not at all overwhelming when consumed. So hurry up and stock up on the rare White Hulu Kratom before it gets too late.

Why you should trust crazy kratom:

  • We provide 100% original kratom
  • Our kratom is lab tested to rule out additives and filters
  • We test our kratom rigorously to remove heavy metals and impurities
  • We provide safe and fast shipment
  • We ensure the best preservation of kratom

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