People have different preferences with respect to almost everything. For instance, some people like to pet cats while some like dogs. For vehicles, some like cars while some love bikes. Well, their choices differ even when it is about food and medicines. Anyway, today we will be talking about a herb called Kratom that is now available in a vast array in the market yet some people like to consume it in its very first form which is— Kratom leaves.

Are you also wondering why some people prefer Kratom leaves over other forms? Are Kratom leaves legal? Don’t worry! We have got you covered. Below, you will find answers to all your queries. So, without further ado, let’s read!

Why Do People Like Kratom Leaves?

Years ago, it was first the local laborers who used to consume Kratom to not get tired of their job and endless hours of workload. Kratom used to give them energy and make them active to work more and efficiently. Moreover, it also helped them not to lose their temper but stay happy. They used to consume it by chewing its leaves. This proves that it is safe to consume the leaves, of course. Lately, besides other forms, Kratom is also sold in the form of its leaves that are dried to preserve their freshness.

Nowadays, this herb is available in multiple forms, including extracts, capsules, powder, gummies, oil, and more. Kratom leaves are considered to be a great choice for those who like the taste. Also, these leaves are comparatively economical because they barely go through any processing. The more processed an item is, the more it is likely to cost.

Although not everyone is fond of Kratom’s taste because of its bitterness, some Kratom-heads don’t want to miss out on its taste. As a result, they buy Kratom leaves instead. Furthermore, people who dislike its taste like to consume Kratom capsules. The outer covering of these capsules prevents Kratom powder packed inside to be tasted by the user. Voila! You dodged the bitter taste.

How To Consume Kratom Leaves

Now, with time and with innovation in every sector, we have different but rather easy ways to consume Kratom. The leaves have their own texture and roughness. They are crushed, usually not grounded to prepare Kratom powder. That is why you can easily see the pieces in the powder. People consume the powder by directly putting it in the mouth and then pour the water down the throat, like a medicine. Furthermore, as of consuming the leaves you can simply fold them and put them in the mouth to suck the juice out of them (which is also how people do it).

On the flip side, you should be careful with the quantity you are consuming, so start with a small piece of leaf. Also, you can simply crush the leaves a bit and make tea out of them. Once done, strain out the leaves from the tea and enjoy your Kratom tea. Also, you can squeeze a lemon in your tea if you like or add sugar for sweetness.

How Does Kratom Work? 

Well, Mitragynine is one of the active alkaloids in this herb. Another compound present in Kratom is 7-α-hydroxy mitragynine. These compounds when interacting with the receptors of the brain can cause relief from pain, and give pleasure. This is how Kratom delivers its effects.

Kratom is considered to be the most actively abundant herb in Southeast Asia. Its leaves are said to have psychotropic effects, making its effects similar to opioids. It is one of the reasons it does wonders to help people to cope with withdrawal symptoms.

Safe Dose Of Kratom

After all that we have discussed above, you might be in love with Kratom but there are some things you need to keep in mind while you consume it.

Yes, we are talking about its dosage. Whether you are about to consume Kratom leaves or any other Kratom item, it is a rule of thumb to always consult your doctor before you get your hands on this or any other herb. Moreover, initially, you should consume a small amount of it and later increase it as per your suitability. Let me give you an example, if you are a new user use a few ounces just to see if it goes well with you.

Give it a day or two to show its effects. Then you can gradually increase it. But never use a higher dose because it can be dangerous and it can even be fatal for people as well as pets.  

You will find Kratom in capsules and also in powder form. You can put the powder in your coffee or tea as people also prefer it this way. 

Is Kratom Leaf Legal

We have to discuss it too because there has been a lot of conspiracies about whether Kratom is legal or not. Although Kratom has been in use for a really long time and has helped a large number of people still, there has not been enough research conducted on it even though it. Consequently, you can’t guarantee it to be safe for everyone. This is why there is no telling about how long it will stay legal in the states that have not banned it yet. However, once there is solid proof that it is safe, then it can be legalized all across the countries.


Gladly, now you know the reasons why people prefer Kratom leaves over other forms. Kratom leaves are not only affordable compared to other forms but this method is also one the oldest ways of its consumption. People who adore the natural taste of Kratom don’t hold back and devour Kratom leaves. One of the famous ways to consume these leaves is by brewing them into tea. Hopefully, this article helped you with your knowledge. Don’t forget to share it with your friends as well.

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